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Provide customers with Turn-key solution services. During the entire product life cycle from the beginning of product definition to the end of mass production, we provide customers with one-to-one, professional and experienced technical support services. Its specific services include the following:

★Evaluation Service

In order to help customers save manpower and resources, we evaluate and analyze customer needs in detail before the project is established. If our products meet customer needs well, we will recommend suitable products and start the following technical support.


★Reference design and tool support

We provide customers with design tools such as development boards, drivers, program download tools and user guides to facilitate customers to accelerate the development process. In addition, we open our own laboratory for customers who lack the necessary testing equipment and environment for customer research and development.


★Customer design inspection

We assist customers to check the schematic diagram, RF part and PCB trace design. Relying on our professional and rich design experience in the field of wireless communication, we can help customers reduce design risks and shorten the time it takes for customers to bring their products to the market.


★Material recommendation

We recommend the models and suppliers of materials related to the periphery of the module to customers, so that customers can reduce procurement risks and material quality risks.


★Certification and production support

We have a wealth of experience in product certification, so we can assist our customers' products to pass relevant global standards certification. At the same time, we can arrange technical support engineers to go to the customer's production line to solve SMT and test related problems.


★Support response promise

RINLINK promises a 2-hour support response time and provides solutions to customer problems within 24 hours. If the customer's problem cannot be solved by email or telephone support, we will arrange engineers to provide on-site technical support as soon as possible until the problem is completely solved. We have 3 domestic technical support centers and 7 overseas support offices to ensure the timeliness of technical support.

RINLINK is China’s leading IoT module and full-stack IoT product service provider. Since its establishment, it has always focused on the development and research of intelligent hardware and IoT integrated solutions, covering product development and design, cloud platform services, intelligent manufacturing, and sales. A national high-tech enterprise operating as a whole.


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Please Call Mr. Zhou:18516206030

Or scan the WeChat QR code above and consult customer service

All rights reserved:Shanghai Rinlink Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.         Record number: Shanghai ICP No. 17021082

Contact Us

Please Call Mr. Zhou:18516206030

Or scan the WeChat QR code above and consult customer service

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All rights reserved:

Shanghai Rinlink Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.       

Record number: Shanghai ICP No. 17021082