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Sichuan two-vehicle anti-theft management project

Author:RINLINKPAY Click: Time:2020-12-09 17:06:36

In order to solve the trilemma of the electric vehicle market, such as "many cases of theft and difficulty in cracking; many traffic violations and difficulty in management and control; many traffic accidents and difficulty in claim settlement" and other three-difficulties, Zero Zero Intelligence independently developed and produced the D611 4G NB-IoT positioning terminal. The product was warmly welcomed by the market as soon as it was launched, and was first applied to the management of electric vehicles and motorcycles in Sichuan.

D611 NB-IoT positioning terminal is a dual anti-theft smart positioning terminal designed for smart city electric vehicles/motorcycles/asset management and anti-theft. It adopts GPS/BeiDou/LBS multi-mode positioning and comes with high-sensitivity sensors to continuously monitor the body state , Multiple alarm protection, ultra-small body for easy installation, low power consumption design, can effectively solve the problem of urban battery car/motorcycle management and anti-theft.

RINLINK is China’s leading IoT module and full-stack IoT product service provider. Since its establishment, it has always focused on the development and research of intelligent hardware and IoT integrated solutions, covering product development and design, cloud platform services, intelligent manufacturing, and sales. A national high-tech enterprise operating as a whole.


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Please Call Mr. Zhou:18516206030

Or scan the WeChat QR code above and consult customer service

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