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Yangzhou Marathon events

Author:RINLINKPAY Click: Time:2020-12-09 17:07:10

As the only domestic "Double Gold" half marathon that has been certified by the IAAF Gold Label and the China Athletics Association Gold Medal, the 2019 "Yangma" attracted more than 30,000 contestants to participate. In order to ensure that the players "go to the competition happily and return to the race in peace and security", Yangzhou Sports Bureau and Yangzhou Sports Industry Development Co., Ltd. cooperated with Tencent to build an auxiliary decision-making platform and organize a "Smart Horse".

RINLINK has been selected as the only bracelet supplier for this competition through layers of screening; through the docking and cooperation with Tencent and other technical parties, RINLINK has fulfilled the various technical requirements of the project team's opponent ring equipment.

The D600 bracelet was able to shine in the competition and received wide acclaim, successfully helping to successfully hold the "Smart Horse".

Shanghai RINLINK NB-IoT positioning bracelet D600 helps monitor physical signs throughout the marathon

RINLINK is China’s leading IoT module and full-stack IoT product service provider. Since its establishment, it has always focused on the development and research of intelligent hardware and IoT integrated solutions, covering product development and design, cloud platform services, intelligent manufacturing, and sales. A national high-tech enterprise operating as a whole.


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Please Call Mr. Zhou:18516206030

Or scan the WeChat QR code above and consult customer service

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